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Frame Tents for Sale in Cape Town. We are best Frame Tents Manufacturers that gives world-class quality at extremely low prices. We Sale Frame Tents for Party, Events, Wedding, Function and Exhibition. Frame Tents for Sale are available in a variety of different mild steel and aluminium frame tent structures also available in a number of beautifully attractive design options. Frame tents are available in a variety of different sizes in clear span tent sizes.

We have quickly become a market leader providing Frame Tents of outstanding quality and durability. We have developed Frame Tents using the highest quality technical materials which last long for years and providing year-round accommodation to the Worldwide. We first entered the in this market over 20 years ago and have continued to develop our Frame Tents over the years which has great demand in Cape Town City. We offer a range of colours, from shaded products, with UV protection, anti-microbial, mosquito & water repellency to a watertight high gust hurricane solution. Frame Tent has the high-quality materials, using PVC fabric as the roof cover and aluminium. Frame Tent can be easily assembled and disassembled in a short time, which saves lots of time and money.


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High Quality Frame Tent ON Sale Buy Now in Cape Town

Buy Frame Tents for Sale in Cape Town we are market leaders in Tents industry and well-known for providing the best quality Frame Tents. We guarantee the lowest prices, superior quality and excellent service. We have almost 25 years of experience in manufacturing and selling of tents we guarantee that our tents will be professionally manufactured in accordance with the highest structural standards and fire safety requirements in the industry, and you will be given the documentation to prove it. And with full warranty coverage, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with whichever style of tent you decide to purchase.

We are one of the leading Frame Tents and Big Tents seller in Cape Town. Our Frame Tents can be erected on tar and paving without damaging the surface. Frame tents do not have any centre poles that are obstructive and is the perfect solution for conferences and modelling shows that showcase presentations and performers. Frame tents are very neat, upmarket and create the ideal venue for any kind of event. This tent design has been around for many years. You could almost say that it brings a sense of emotional comfort for those who use it. Customization of Frame Tents options, we have available, will allow you to engineer your tent to suit your specific needs, whether you prefer the elegant look for your tents with French Window Walls or the more corporate ambience of our Clearspan structures, sidewalls are available in various weights of vinyl, and the same is true for our tarps which can be fully customized as well. We will work with you from start to finish to select the right tent size, style, colour, wall type and other customizable options to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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Frame Tents Manufacturer

Frame Tents Manufacturer in Cape Town that can be used for many purposes and come in a variety of sizes and designs depending on your needs and requirements. Frame tents can be used for wedding, Function, Party, storage, warehousing, festivals, events and as an extension to an existing structure. They have no centre poles providing more space than other tents and can be most popular for runway shows and weddings as well. Frame Tents are available in 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m available in structures of unlimited length. Frame Tents and Aluminium Tents are the ideal solutions for Party, Events, Wedding, Function and Exhibition. The absence of centre poles creates an open and airy feel with unobstructed views and ultimate in design flexibility allows for maximum use of the interior space. Frame Tents provide a well-secured environment for short and long-term installations. Frame Tents are versatile, ultimate in design flexibility and highly durable.


About Frame Tent

Frame tents have no centre poles or guy ropes and are standalone structures. This kind of tent can be erected on almost any surface can be erected adjacent to a building and used as an extension. The Frame tents are much more stable and can span a much wider area over pools, flower beds or trees. Frame Tents can also be found being used as temporary structures for storage in retail and military applications. Frame Tents uses high-quality PVC which also comes in clear span PVC which gives the appearance of glass as its see through.


Frame Tent Uses

Frame tents and Marquee can be used in many different circumstances. For example, as a shelter at garden parties, as a shelter for outdoor pools or as an exhibition stand at trade fairs and markets. The range of uses is vast. We provide frame tents and marquees in different sizes ranging from small garden pavilions to large marquees – everything to fit your needs. Our frame tents are designed for long-term, regular use. Individual frame components are inserted into each other, secured using inserted screws and bolted, experts, call this bolting. This type of connection is much more robust and durable than fragile click systems. Large, stable arched windows in the side walls create a light, open atmosphere in the marquee. The individually removable wall sections are constructed so that oxygen can enter the tent and stuffy, damp air can exit thus the tent has a comfortable climate, even when closed. The wall and gable sections of our frame and marquee can be individually removed for different entrance possibilities and several centimetres rest on the ground for securing it. The wall sections can then be secured via eyelets in the tarpaulin and ground nails to prevent movement of the tarpaulin and draughts. Once dismantled, the frame tent can be conveniently transported and stored in a warehouse easily. With correct use and good care, you will be able to enjoy your frame tents for many years to come.


Advantages of Frame Tents

  • The lack of centre poles means you are not restricted in your floor plan or decor.
  • These tents are very stable and can be used on any terrain and over large surface areas. The ground surface will not be damaged.
  • These are ideal for long-term use at festivals and trade shows.
  • It can also be placed next to a building comfortably to create a seamless extension and enlarge your space.
  • They are lightweight, waterproof and fire resistant.
  • They look modern and elegant, perfect for any type of function.
  • Our tents are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • They are highly stable and can cover a large surface area to cater to large events.
  • You can add large glass panels to your tent, affording your guest’s panoramic views of your location.
  • These tents are ideal for long-term exhibitions and functions.
  • They can be erected against a building and even indoors!


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